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Paul F. P. Pogue

An update from the cancer wars


Operation Nerd Voltron was a great success. Patty Rogers’ friends here in Indiana and the combined nerds of the world brought in a little more than $1,000 in 48 hours – much higher than I remotely expected or hoped, with contributions from as far away as Australia and Germany. You have our deepest thanks, whether you contributed, reposted to your blogs or just sent good thoughts our way.

We had a wacky situation-comedy-esque turn of events when it turned out we were beaten to the punch. Turns out there’s a new foundation in town that gives away iPads to children with cancer in Indianapolis – so new, in fact, that Patty is the first kid at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital to actually get one. On the upside, we did get a bit of advance warning, so in the face of this change, we did what any self-respecting nerd would do: blinged the holy living heck out of the iPad. Carrying case, keyboard, and the like, plus an iTunes card of truly epic proportions. I considered a diamond-encrusted case but decided that would be a little, you know, excessive.

Since this money was given with the express purpose of “make Patty be a little bit less crazy,” we put aside the rest of the cash that would have gone to the iPad and told her to let us know what she’d like to do with it, with the only requirement being that it should be something she’d really enjoy. (The look on her face when hearing this news was, in fact, worth all the effort in and of itself.) The rest will be handed off to the family to help with expenses as soon as it transfers out of PayPal. Any further donations will go straight to the family.

All our thanks and love to everyone, and a special shout-out to the Aidan Brown Foundation (, who I hope will have great success in their ongoing mission to equip every cancer-fighting kid in the city with an iPad.

Both the Pogue and Rogers families were enormously touched by the tremendous outpouring of support for someone in need. Not only was this a much-needed practical help, it was also a reminder to all that no matter how bad this looks, they are not going through this alone.

To keep up with Patty Rogers’ continuing fight on the front lines of the cancer war, just check out

Thank you all so very, very much!

Paul F. P. Pogue

(P.S.: This ended up being posted far and wide on blogs I’ve never even heard of, thanks to the efforts of many of you. If you posted the original request to your blog, could you please re-post here so people know how it turned out? Thanks!)
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